Vida's Buffalo Tuff Bar

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Vida's Buffalo Tuff Bar



Vida's Buffalo Tuff Bar is made with finished buffalo hide, one of the toughest natural hides available. We have tested the toy with some of the toughest tuggers we could find and the toy has proven itself a winner. Not only is it tough, but the hide feels smooth, soft, and supple so the dogs really like the feel of it in their mouths.

Because the Vida Buffalo Tuff Bar is wider than our other tuff tugs, it allows the dog to get a better grip and really dig in when they're tugging. We've had multiple people use this tug for schutzhund training with their dog and it has proven itself to be an very tuff tug.

Vida's Buffalo Tuff Tug is 12" long and 2.5" in diameter. 


  • The buffalo hides used to make this toy comes from California, Wyoming and Wisconsin. The hides are tanned using lime, salt, baking soda and/or ammonium alum, making a safe and attractive toy. 
  • The leather comes in assorted colors; please allow us to choose for you.
  • All TugawayCuwin toys are intended to be interactive toys that are always used in supervised play and training. Because of the strong scent of our products, these toys should never be left unattended with the dog.
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